16 Oct 2017

Planificare – Pregătirea Lingvistică

hours Topic Content Type of activities
2h Preliminary test
Discussion of the test
– Preliminary test evaluating students’ knowledge of technical English, of terms related to mechanics – written test
– oral feedback and discussion over the items included in the test
1h A car mechanic’s job – doing the tasks included in the worksheet entitled „A car mechanic’s job“

– duties and responsibilities of a car mechanic; general parts of a car

– reading
– reading comprehension tasks: true/false; fill in
– vocabulary matching exercise based on car parts
2h Hand tools 1
– students get familiar with the English terms for hand tools and car materials – reading
– listening
– vocabulary exercises
– making a list of the specialised terms
2h Measurements
Gauges and meters
– students get familiar with the English terms used for measurements, gauges and meters; – reading
– vocabulary exercises
– translation of rules
– speaking
3h Types of cars
Parts of a car:
– exterior
– interior
– types of cars – advantages and disadvantages of each
– parts of a car – exterior and interior
– reading
– discussion
– vocabulary exercises
– listening
2h Safety rules and hazards
The imperative for instructions and rules
– students learn about safety rules for a mechanic and have a discussion about it
Grammar – the imperative in instructions and rules – students learn how to give and understand instructions; verbs used in instructions
– reading instructions
– exercises: fill in, matching
3h Brake system
Steering system
– students learn how to explain in English the functions of the brake and steering systems and how they work – reading
– true/false
– matching exercises
– listening
– speaking
2h Introducing ourselves and talking about our career choice and goals – students present themselves and talk about their career choice and goals – speaking
– discussion
3h Internal combustion engine

Diesel versus gasoline

Two-stroke engine

– students learn about different types of engine: internal combustion, diesel and gasoline, and two-stroke engines – reading

– true/false

– matching

– fill in

2h The basics of the four-stroke engines – students learn basic engine terminology and to explain how it works – reading

– vocabulary exercises

2h Review – review of terminology – exercises
1h Final test – a written test containing tasks based on mechanical terms and on duties, responsibilities and safety rules in the field of mechanics – reading comprehension;
– multiple matching;
– fill in;